Blackberry OG - Full Melts

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Chronic Candle Full Melts are like no other wax melt on the market. Our signature 12 cube clam-shell container will have your room smelling fresh for hours. Available in all of our scents. Ready to use in ANY wax warmer.  Just pop a cube into your warmer and light up 

Blackberry OG - Full Melt

An Indica dominant strain, known for its soothing pain relief from strong Indica body effects. It's a perfect blend of Afghani and Blackberry strains that flowers into deep purple buds come harvest season. 

Sweet smelling with hints of berry and vanilla

    Proudly Handcrafted in Canada.

    Each Chronic Candle has been handcrafted, in Canada, using only locally sourced products and 100% natural soy wax.

    Contains NO: THC/CBD